The 23 Hottest Craft Beer Bars in America Right Now


hasmap.jpgCraft beer continues to boom pretty much everywhere in America these days, which means it’s time to take a look once more at the hottest craft beer bars across the country. It’s been about seven months since the last Eater heatmap featured 12 hot new bars, and this new edition of the map unearths a whopping 23 gems. Listed in alphabetical order, all of these have opened within the last year and are garnering some serious buzz.

First of all, San Francisco is home to the first American outpost of a cultishly popular Danish brewery-owned bar (Mikkeller Bar), as well as Sierra Nevada’s first-ever taproom outside of its home base (The Torpedo Room). New Yorkers continue to flock to Brooklyn to sample the brews flowing from temperature-controlled “flux capacitor” taps from another Danish brewer (Tørst), while one of Minnesota’s most famous brewers finally opened a taproom to the delight of beer drinkers everywhere (Surly Taproom). There are also a couple of Texas bars that feature only Texas beers (Craft Pride and LUCK), and one of Portland, Oregon’s “buzziest brewery openings in memory” (Ecliptic Brewing). And there’s more to come; many of these cities and others are about to see a whole onslaught of brewpub, taproom, and beer-centric bar openings in 2014. But right now, here is the Eater heatmap to the hottest craft beer bars in America:

Tried any of the places on the list or feel there are any glaring omissions? You know what to do.

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